Our journey began while we were developing fun, intuitive digital products in Toronto. Through our own start-up experience, we realized that there were no inspirational brands catered towards us, the everyday hustlers. Most so-called ‘motivational’ posters were too generic and bland to relate to our lifestyle. Busy Building Things was sparked by a desire to create something edgier that truly speaks to the nuances of our creative and entrepreneurial culture.

What originated as an art series quickly flourished into a community. Today, we are busy creating motivational products and digital content designed to inspire. But, at its core, Busy Building Things is about you: the entrepreneur who pursues security by taking risks, forgoing sleep to chase bigger dreams.

You’ve always preferred forging your own path to following the crowd. That's why you constantly strive for more and insist on bringing the impossible to life. You respond to the sting of failure with an uncommon sense of determination. It’s not always easy, but you wouldn’t choose to live any other way.

Busy Building Things is a celebration of the creativity that you pursue and nurture daily. We want to encourage entrepreneurs like ourselves to continue making a reality of what others call impossible. Here’s to your incredible story, and to our shared mission to make something amazing.